birth announcement "knight"
a real gentlemen

copyright bvba


lots of color combinations possible

(some examples below)
variatie geboortekaartje   

card from our collection

the colors of this birth announcement card can always be personalized!
adjusting the card for twins is no problem too.
read more about birth announcement cards from the collection in our F.A.Q.


  • colors: always personalized!
  • font face: the font is adapted to the design and was chosen with great care. the fonts are note easily changeable.
  • format: US or A6, single or double*
  • paper: 300gr or 400gr, with or without plastification*
  • amount: from 50 cards
  • envelopes: white or colored*
  • delivery: shipped worldwide or pickup in belgium (antwerp or roeselare)
  • * additional charge: see price list

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have a look at our how-to about ordering a birth announcement card. or the price list to see all available options.

100 cards +
= € 250

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* 100 cards in A6 or US format (single), printed on both sides on 300grams paper, without plastification + 100 white envelopes

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