birth announcement "turtle"
hey man!

copyright bvba

custom birth announcement cards

the birth announcement you see here, is an example of a custom designed card.

next to the cards in our unique collection, we can also make a custom design for you. of course always in our "less is more" design philosophy

the price of a custom card depends on the size, the complexity of the design, the specific wishes,...
if you want a custom designed card (or the card on this page), please contact us, so we can make you a quote.

because we only accept a limited amount of custom work, we recommend contacting us as soon as possible.

how does it work:
after you receive a quote from us, you can order the card by filling in the order form.

when we receive your order, our team of designers will work out 2 designs.
you will be able to review them online in your personal account.

with one of the designs we will work to get you your perfect custom card.

after that, we follow normal procedure

get a quote

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