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orderform birth announcement

orderform birth announcement


1. info baby

announcement for*
expected delivery date*

2. the announcement

choose the design*
choose a size*
choose amount(can be changed later)
choose a printing method(can be changed later)
text for card
for example:
- name of parents, brother, sister
- visiting address
- phone number
- godparents
- gift registry
- ...
mention on card at birth  weight
 time of birth
 room number
envelopes  in white
 in matching color +€0.25/pc

3. remarks

questions, color wishes, options, vouchers...

4. your personal information

first and last name*
street + number*
postal code + city*
email address*
phone number*

5. how did you hear about

through another card
through family or friends
through another order (existing customer)
through a flyer / ad / magazine
through google / search engine
through the creativeservices facebook page
through twitter (paperdigital)

6. terms of this order

please read this terms carefully before ordering.
I have read and agree to the terms and conditions above